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Korg 100m hordozható DSD DAC AudioGate szoftverrel

Korg 100m hordozható DSD DAC AudioGate szoftverrel
Korg 100m hordozható DSD DAC AudioGate szoftverrel Korg 100m hordozható DSD DAC AudioGate szoftverrel
Gyártó: Korg
Gyártmány: 100m
Jutalom pontok: 0
Elérhetőség: 2 - 3 napon belül
Ár: 96.900Ft
Menny.:   Kosárba rakom

Compact Design, Uncompromising High-Quality Audio Playback Capabilities – DS-DAC-100m
Approximately the same size as a portable hard disk, the DS-DAC100m contains essentially the same circuitry as the upper-level model DS-DAC-100. It provides a compact version of this high-quality audio playback system featuring the same great sound as the DS-DAC100.

Real-time DSD conversion for ideal sound
Accurate real-time DSD-analog conversion is the secret to high-quality audio playback through headphones or your high-end audio system. Audio files such as MP3 and WAV from your computer (even a CD!) can be converted to 5.6448 MHz/DSD data in real time and played back by the dedicated AudioGate 3 software. Since conversion to ultra-high quality DSD data is impractical for stand-alone hardware due to the enormous amount of processing power that is required, the power of your computer is used to perform this task, extracting the maximum information from the musical source before sending it to the DAC. The DS-DAC-100/100m, takes the audio optimally designed for DSD, then converts the data to an analog signal for the ideal audio playback scenario. You might even start hearing new details in your familiar CD or MP3 collection that had previously been hidden in the mix.

Pro-quality hardware design that builds on the achievements of the MR series DSD recorders
The data is conveyed via "asynchronous transmission," which does not synchronize with the USB clock of the computer, thus allowing high-quality playback with minimal jitter. The power supply section is driven from USB bus power, thus avoiding any noise component that might enter via the power cable, ensuring high quality audio playback.The DA converter uses the CS4398 chip made by Cirrus Logic, the same reliable and ultra-high-quality component that can be found on the MR series devices. It provides performance equivalent to that of the MR-1000, an acclaimed standard in professional studios and as a field recording device, delicering high quality that exceeds other units in its class. In this way, the DS-DAC-100m has been designed with painstaking detail and with the highest specifications for every part of the system.
Stable, dedicated Win/Mac drivers developed specifically for AudioGate 3 and the DS-DAC series
The data on the computer must be conveyed to the DS-DAC-100m unit with as little loss as possible. KORG has developed native drivers to implement truly native playback of DSD data, where the data is conveyed via the USB cable while still in DSD format and then DA-converted within the converter unit itself. To ensure trouble-free compatibility between the playback software and the DAC, we have taken advantage of our many years of experience with DSD data to create drivers that deliver stable operation and the highest-quality playback on both Windows and Mac.
Why does the AudioGate system sound better?
The AudioGate software uses the power of the computer to perform the calculations necessary for D/A conversion, as opposed to slower external hardware. This allows for ideal processing, retaining the audio’s original quality. With a decade’s experience developing DSD recorder products, Korg’s DSD signal processing and DSD/PCM bidirectional conversion technology yields painstakingly accurate audio reproduction without any degradation.  By developing both the application and the USB-DAC, Korg is able to ensure comprehensive audio quality, even on up-converted file formats.


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