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dsd DAP chord Mytek stereo 96 DAC E 10S SoundMAGIC E10S Sennheiser E 10M SoundMAGIC E10M Sennheiser Audeze PL 30 SoundMAGIC PL30 Sennheiser E 30 SoundMAGIC E30 Sennheiser C hordozhato FLAC Takstar PRO 80 PRO80 monitor S E 10 SoundMAGIC E10 Sennheiser EP 20 SoundMAGIC EP20 Sennheiser lejátszo X1 ES 18 SoundMAGIC ES18 Sennheiser FiiO HRT iStreamer USB DAC PL 50 SoundMAGIC PL50 Sennheiser

Kifutó Beyerdynamic termékek akciós áron!!! Bontatlan csomagolásban, teljes 2 év garanciával

HRT microStreamer USB DAC fejhallgató erősítővel

HRT microStreamer USB DAC fejhallgató erősítővel
HRT microStreamer USB DAC fejhallgató erősítővel HRT microStreamer USB DAC fejhallgató erősítővel
Gyártó: High Resolution Technologies
Gyártmány: microStreamer
Jutalom pontok: 0
Elérhetőség: Rendelésre
Ár: 59.990Ft
Menny.:   Kosárba rakom

The microStreamer brings you all the best features of our groundbreaking Music Streamer product with the addition of headphone capabilities all in a miniature sized box that fits easily in your palm or pocket.Hardly bigger than a couple of packs of gum stacked atop each other and housed in an aluminum enclosure precision-machined from solid billets, the durable and beautiful-to-behold MicroStreamer is a thoroughly modern, sleek, and compact dual-purpose-built, USB-powered and connected, ultra high-performance external sound card for computers, tablets, smart-phones, or any compliant host. It combines a 140 mV headphone amplifier with an analog attenuator (just like the HeadStreamer Mobile) with a fixed 2.25V line-level output (50 ohms output impedance), each of which operates independently from the other, so that the user can elect to listen to the MicroStreamer via headphones or through a stereo system, or even have both live at the same time. Each output uses a 1/8" stereo female mini-jack, very common for today's headphones and easily adaptable to standard stereo rigs via a mini-plug-to-RCA adapter cable or an all-mini-plug cable for going into many powered desktop speakers. With sonic performance that places it squarely between the MS II and the MS II+, HRT has, with the MicroStreamer, ensured that there is a suitable device for just about any listener.

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