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SoundMAGIC E50 earphone earphone gun/black

SoundMAGIC E50 earphone earphone gun/black
SoundMAGIC E50 earphone earphone gun/black SoundMAGIC E50 earphone earphone gun/black SoundMAGIC E50 earphone earphone gun/black SoundMAGIC E50 earphone earphone gun/black
Brand: SoundMAGIC
Product Code: E50
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Price: 15,990Ft
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About the SoundMAGIC E50

Out of extensive experience in earphone technology SoundMAGIC is proud to introduce the newest member of their ever growing earphone family - E50. Equipped with a new driver design the E50 conveys sound precisely resulting in a sophisticated and mature sound experience. With neutral and detailed sound signature, prime build and comfortable ergonomics the E50 is sure to become a legend in the earphone world.

Finely attuned drivers in the heart of the E50 offer breathtaking sound reproduction with neutral musical detail with every artifact and nuance of the original recording presented without emphasising any frequencies. The redeveloped driver design of the E50 incorporate new high purity copper winding material specially imported from Japan. This material results in a higher impedance rating requiring more driving power to achieve the full potential of the E50. A high resolution digital audio player or headphone amplifier will bring out the best sound.

Employing SoundMAGIC's traditional cylinder shaped housing made from lightweight aluminium make the E50 a robust earphone with strong ergonomics. Included in the delivery are multiple styles of silicone and Comply eartips to ensure the correct fit for every user. United with the correct fitting eartip the E50 offers increased sound isolation offering clean and undiluted listening fun.

    Sophisticated accurate sound signature with abundance of detail
    Original sound without emphasis of frequencies
    Designed to perform best with high-resolution DAPs and headphone amplifier
    Comfortable fit and distinctive design
    Twisted Core Cable with strong build and anti-tangle design
    Full metal earphone housing construction
    High-purity copper winding material imported from Japan


    SoundMAGIC E50 in Gunmetal
    3 pairs dome shaped silicone eartips (S/M/L)
    3 pairs flat silicone eartips (S/M/L)
    1 pair Double Flange silicone eartips (M)
    1 pair Comply foam tips
    Cable clip
    Hard carrying case


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