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Takstar PRO 80 PRO80 monitor S dsd X1 E 10 SoundMAGIC E10 Sennheiser Audeze E 10M SoundMAGIC E10M Sennheiser Mytek stereo 96 DAC FLAC DAP PL 30 SoundMAGIC PL30 Sennheiser lejátszo FiiO chord E 10S SoundMAGIC E10S Sennheiser HRT iStreamer USB DAC E 30 SoundMAGIC E30 Sennheiser C ES 18 SoundMAGIC ES18 Sennheiser hordozhato PL 50 SoundMAGIC PL50 Sennheiser EP 20 SoundMAGIC EP20 Sennheiser

Fiio X5 hordozható DSD FLAC DAP lejátszó

Fiio X5 hordozható DSD FLAC DAP lejátszó
Fiio X5 hordozható DSD FLAC DAP lejátszó Fiio X5 hordozható DSD FLAC DAP lejátszó Fiio X5 hordozható DSD FLAC DAP lejátszó Fiio X5 hordozható DSD FLAC DAP lejátszó
Gyártó: Fiio
Gyártmány: X5 DSD DAP
Jutalom pontok: 0
Elérhetőség: 2 - 3 napon belül
Ár: 119.990Ft
Menny.:   Kosárba rakom

When we set out to build the X5 into the most advanced digital music player, we started with a powerful dual core CPU so that it can play the most demanding audio formats such as DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, and WAV, all without a hint of strain, even at 192kHz/24-bit. Furthermore, we added advanced playback controls including song cueing, multi-profile EQ, 120-step volume control, and gapless playback. The X5 handles all of this with ease while rendering a fast and fluid user interface that is amazingly responsive. Powerful is powerful.

Use the X5 to have your music - all your music - with you anywhere life takes you. It doesn't limit you with a fixed internal storage and is equipped with two microSD card slots, each supporting the currently available 128GB cards for 256GB total possible storage. With user-swappable storage cards and future support for OTG USB storage drives, the X5 gives you practically limitless access to storage.

Of course it takes more than just powerful hardware to play music; it takes finesse, control, and passion. In the X5, the music starts with a TI PCM1792A DAC laying a foundation of incredible dynamics and low noise floor. It then builds with a quartet of OPA1612 op amps for conversion and shaping. Lastly a pair of LMH6642 op amps faithfully amplifies the music while preserving every detail, pushing a rewarding dose of musical ecstasy to your headphones.

To make the X5 tough, strong, and beautiful to hold and rest your eyes upon, we built it with aluminum unibody construction. CNC'd from a block of aluminum, it is matte black anodized and hand assembled with finely crafted switch gear for clean lines and tight seams. A bold and bright 2.4" IPS screen displays menus, text, and album art with spectacular visual fidelity. Your enjoyment is not just limited to your ears as all your senses are rewarded by the X5.

So when you want to have the best music playback experience, start with the FiiO X5.

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