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SoundMAGIC E30 earphone

SoundMAGIC E30 earphone
SoundMAGIC E30 earphone SoundMAGIC E30 earphone SoundMAGIC E30 earphone
Brand: SoundMAGIC
Product Code: E30
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Availability: In Stock
Price: 9,990Ft
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The SoundMAGIC E30 in-ear monitor headphones offer a high degree of refinement and performance, with an affordable price that belies the extensive features and sound engineering that contributed to its design and construction. Its sound is exceptionally well balanced and non-fatiguing, with excellent bass and treble extension. Best described as smooth yet detailed, the E30 delivers a rich listening experience with any music genre.

The E30 features market leading ergonomics as well, with an updated over-the-ear cable design that eliminates pressure points and the downward strain on sensitive parts of the ear. This combined with a comparatively shallow insertion design makes the E30 very comfortable to wear for extended period of time. Over-the-ear hooks are included to provide additional stability during active use.

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